Jenn Denouden talks about the old boy's club on the CBC Afternoon Edition
Inside The Tampon Book. Photograph: Cedric Soltani/Studio Dropped
Breaking Down the Old Boys’ Club on CBC’s The Afternoon Edition

It was a pleasure to break down the old boys’ club with CBC’s ‘The Afternoon Edition – Sask with Garth Materie’ this week. We spoke about my latest article: There’s No Room for the Old Boys’ Club in Today’s Saskatchewan: Taking a Stand for Progress.

Specifically, we talked about what it was like for me to navigate this “club” as my business grew and succeeded, and about the injustices that people are facing because of their age, gender, or race, and what we can do to continue shifting into a more equitable society for all. It’s a quick 7-minute clip.

Listen Here:

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