Jenn Denouden at the Gathering Summit
Inside The Tampon Book. Photograph: Cedric Soltani/Studio Dropped
Looking at the Whole Entrepreneur – The Gathering Summit Fireside Chat

Imagine sitting down for a conversation about your journey as an entrepreneur, sharing the highest of highs and the darkest of depths, and broadcasting it out for thousands of people to tune in to (linked below).

The Gathering is a Forbes top-rated summit and master class for brand and business leaders from around the globe. So, when they invited me to participate as the leader of a purpose-led brand, I was excited to get into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to build an authentic, purpose-led company in a fireside chat.

For me, taking part in this type of fireside chat was an opportunity to share a raw perspective that I think is often lacking in these types of events. I feel like there’s an expectation for female CEOs to be very polished and very poised – to the extent that we sometimes lose the edges that make us the fierce warriors we need to be as entrepreneurs.

So, I got real candid about Avana’s purpose-led mission and some of the personal experiences I’ve faced as a female CEO in an industry made up of old, white men.

My request to all the women leaders out there kicking ass – don’t forget to allow yourself moments of vulnerability. We’re often expected to be perfectly put together as we take on the world…but breaking glass ceilings can get a little messy sometimes.

Watch the Fireside

Words from The Bad Ass Women at the University of Regina, WESK, and RaiseHer Who I Gifted Tickets to:

“Some key takeaways from The Gathering Summit that I will apply to my studies are that I already have the pieces to the puzzle, it is a matter of the process in how you put them together. I also learned that you cannot be afraid to stand out from the crowd or speak your opinion, because doing so hinders the expansion of your knowledge.”

“From the opening speech to the end, each speaker rejuvenated and provided motivation which is what I have been missing for the last bit with COVID burnout and working from home.”

“The whole experience to listen and engage with like-minded people who have had similar situations or outcomes to learn from was very inspiring.”

“One key takeaway that I will bring with me to my future career as a marketer is that the obvious is not obvious until it is pointed out. I have the tools to bring change and drive innovation but unless I utilize my past failures and successes in guiding my future decisions, I will become a follower of change and not a leader. Another key takeaway for me is that you need to be comfortable in addressing things that others are not, as it enables you to better relate and understand your audience, which further humanizes your brand.”

“The Gathering Summit was truly a pivotal experience for me, hearing from brand leaders of companies I’ve always looked up to. It changed my perspective on not only marketing but ideation and concepts as a whole. I recommend all business students attend The Gathering Summit at least once, as it is a truly inspiring event that leaves no corners of marketing untouched.”

“I really liked the experience and I have been watching the recording again and again.”

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