New Avana website
Inside The Tampon Book. Photograph: Cedric Soltani/Studio Dropped
Dressing the Part – The New Avana Website

Like most businesses, expanding a growing real estate enterprise means staying on top of your customer’s needs and expectations. You have to be able to move with changing market needs and preferences all while understanding how your customers think and operate inside-out.

And while our original Avana website took us a long way, we chose to invest in a re-branding and website redesign this year to help make it easier for our growing portfolio to be found and explored by prospective residents. The vision for going into this next chapter of our visual identity was polishing and usability. For a company that nearly doubled its assets under management within six months (to $400 million), we wanted something that reflected our growth, stability, and dedication to being the very best at what we do.

I am so proud of the result — take a minute to check out our new digital home at and let me know what you think!

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