I was honoured to receive the WESK Summit Award for Community Involvement – an award that means an incredible amount to me and recognizes the incredible dedication of my team at Avana. Since shifting to a purpose-led business model in 2018, Avana has been dedicated to building affordable housing and we are so proud of the progressive, diverse communities we develop. Take a peek at the awards video – I am in awe of the incredible women nominated for the WESK Summit Awards. See the full winner’s list here.

Watch the Video:
CANIE Awards Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve been shortlisted as a semi-finalist for the CANIE Awards Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award! This award is a Canada-wide honour and I’m thrilled to share the stage with incredible women entrepreneurs from BC to ON to PEI.

Here’s a full list of the nominees.

Jenn Denouden at the Gathering Summit

The Gathering is a Forbes top-rated summit and master class for brand and business leaders around the globe. As part of The Gathering Summit, I sat for an intimate fireside chat to talk (and occasionally tear up) about what it takes to smash glass ceilings today – and why we have to keep fighting for progressive change in all workplaces.

Check out my blog post for more details and to watch the video.

The Growth League Podcast

I sat down with The Growth League podcast to talk about all things growth and scale. Tune in as I share my perspective as the President and CEO of a high-growth company that’s accomplishing success by breaking the mold.

Tune in to the podcast.

This spring, the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association organized a weeklong virtual conference with an awesome range of panels and topics. The opening keynote address was delivered by Senator Pamela Wallin, who spoke passionately about leadership and shared perspectives from her careers in journalism, diplomat, and senator. I closed out the conference with a keynote about shaping the next generation of leaders.

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The team at Avana is dedicated to shattering the glass ceiling everyday

As a female CEO, I am proud to stand up and commit to breaking the glass ceiling for myself and generations to come. I have two young daughters, and I often think of the type of change that needs to happen for them to grow up in a world that supports, celebrates, and FUNDS women in the same way that their brothers would.

I am shattering the glass ceiling for the next generation. Join me.

Jenn Denouden in the Choose to Challenge Series on Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship

Gender bias is something I have run into working in male-dominated industries. I have faced gender bias as a young female entrepreneur from my finance career to running a real estate empire. This International Women’s Day, I participated in a virtual conversation with other female entrepreneurs hosted by WESK and Miller Thomson LLP.

Hearing their stories should be a reminder to men and women alike that gender bias needs to be eradicated – it is not acceptable!

Jenn Denouden talks about being a top female founder and CEO during a live IWD event

We are capping off International Women’s Day in style! I sat down with our friends at Munz Media to talk about all things IWD and what it’s like to be a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry.

Check Out the Replay:


Jenn Denouden participated in a live Startup Canada Entrepreneurship Panel

I was honoured to join The Honourable Mary Ng and a panel of female entrepreneurs for Startup Canada’s International Women’s Day discussion. Being able to share our stories as leaders helped spotlight some of the unique challenges women entrepreneurs face. We have to do better in supporting women in business and creating a more equitable ecosystem for all women.

Jenn Denouden gets Uncorked with WESK

I was honoured to have a casual “couch convo” with Guest host Dr. Gina Grandy, Dean of the Hill and Levene School of Business. From starting in finance to motherhood to starting a company in an industry, I knew little about, I share my candid take on being a female entrepreneur today.

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Conversations with Tim Otitoju Podcast

Tim Otitoju is a well-known real estate agent based in Regina who hosts a great podcast about business and lifestyle. I sat down with him to talk about what it’s like to find your niche in an established industry and how to turn that into a competitive advantage. For me, it was leveraging Avana’s strengths of being a female-led and family-owned business. Did you know that when Avana was founded, all of the leaders in the company were under 30?

Tune into the podcast.
Jenn Denouden talks about the old boy's club on the CBC Afternoon Edition

It was a pleasure to break down the old boys’ club with CBC’s ‘The Afternoon Edition – Sask with Garth Materie’ this week. We spoke about my latest article: There’s No Room for the Old Boys’ Club in Today’s Saskatchewan: Taking a Stand for Progress.

Specifically, we talked about what it was like for me to navigate this “club” as my business grew and succeeded, and about the injustices that people are facing because of their age, gender, or race, and what we can do to continue shifting into a more equitable society for all. It’s a quick 7-minute clip.

Listen Here:



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